Visual and performing arts, as a collective expression of the human community, have a dynamic presence in our daily lives, enabling us to express creativity and culture in different ways. Especially, local art highlights the cultural diversity, encourages individual expression, develops communicative skills, and enhances awareness, creative thinking, effective planning, teamwork, and self-esteem.
In this context, educational authorities of two European regions will explore the contradiction of art education between Greek and Latvian curriculum and the discernible essential factors that inhibit its success in schools.

Under this perspective, the partners will enrich their experiences, strengthen the relationship between art and education and will find ways to raise the profile of local arts in schools, by promoting equality of experience, learning and socialization and by enhancing the links between local art and contemporary educational purposes, contributing to the development of the European dimension in the provided education. Furthermore, the use of ICT tools will enhance the learning process and the expression in all art forms and will provide the ability of expressing oneself in a digital form.
The projects’ outcomes will be implemented in schools and will be spread across regional and European schools through website, workshops and mass media.