Summary of mobility – visiting of Greek partners

Wednesday, May 7, 2014 to Wednesday, May 14, 2014
Latvia, Dobele

During the visit the participants visited Council of Dobele District. Chairman of the Council presented the Dobele political, social, economic and cultural current events.

The participants took part in the closing event of visual arts festival "A lot of suns rise" at the garden of Dobele primary school. The event was attended by approximately 250 students from all over the Semigallia.

Guests attended Department of Education and were informed about educational work in Dobele region: problems and actualities.

Greek partners visited Dobele Local History Museum, enjoyed the museum, its variable and long term exhibitions. Guests acquainted the visual arts exhibition "A lot of suns rise." Approximately 250 students had depicted the sun, which they see different countries in culture, literature, art, history and traditions in their works. There was also a sun of Greece.

The guests visited Mezinieku primary school. They acquainted the school’s everyday life and experience of the teaching the visual arts, enjoyed the visual art works of students. Dobele students’ visual art exhibition on the theme "Ugunsdarbi" (“Fireworks”) was accessed. There was also the workshop of felting organized and guests took active participation in it. Guests were invited to visit the home of teachers Zinta Purina and Zenta Purina and got to know their personal visual art collection.

The Dobele art school was visited. Partners acquainted the school's history, activities and current events of art education. The meeting with art school teachers was organized. Greek guests participated in two workshops were the practical skills of silk painting and glass painting were tested.

Guests attended the Art museum “Rigas Birža”, the Old City and other sights in Latvia to get a wider wiev of Latvian artists and education of art in Latvia.

At the project meeting participants of both parner groups discussed the progress made in the first year of project implementation and project activities should be done from the May of 2014 till September of 2014.