Dobele County Education Department

Partner type: 
Public authority
Contact person: 

Silova Mara

Education methodologist
+371 63707282

Dobele County Education Department is a municipality institution which deals with the field of education. It ensures the supervision of the realization of the educational programmes evaluates the results of the educational process and carries out the activities for the insurance of educational quality and the necessary improvements. Coordinates and organizes the cooperation, the teachers’ training and development, the creative teaching process. There are 26 educational establishments in Dobele county - general education, vocational education, special education institutions and institutions for out of school activities.
The main functions of Dobele County Education Department are:

  • Educational policy implementation and development of educational institutions;
  • Consulting the educational institutions regarding the quality of education;
  • Coordination and provision of teachers’ training;
  • Promotion of pedagogical experience;

Education Department is responsible for contacting with the headmasters, teachers, school advisors, parents associations and the local authorities, promoting the cooperation and the effective operation of school units.
Furthermore, the Directorate of Primary Education has the main administrative role in the region, including financial issues, teachers’ transfers and the evaluation of the school headmasters.
The direct job duties are closely related to the Project topic and the domain - coordination and insurance of the teachers’ educational work.

Dobele County Education Department coordinates and supervises the project, organises the meetings and the working groups, develops the website, ensures communication and is responsible for the project’s logo. Also it is responsible for disseminating all the project activities and the production of the final outcomes.
Dobele County Education Department will: 
define the operational plan of the project, manage the coordination and elaborate the final report;

  • be responsible for the allocation of human resources;
  • be responsible for the experience exchanged among all the organizations involved in the project and other schools not involved in project;
  • be responsible for the exchange of experience at the international meetings;
  • be responsible for the development and updating of the project’s website;
  • be responsible for carrying out the approbation of the new teaching materials;
  • be responsible for the experience exchanges between the colleagues in the partnership region;
  • strengthen the links between all organizations;
  • raise the quality of education;
  • strengthen the European dimension.