Dobele Local History Museum

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Karkla Antra

Tour guide of the museum

Dobele Local History Museum was founded in 1985. Now there is a collection of ~21 000 objects, including approximately 300 art objects. The collection is made mostly of works of local artists. One part of the museum’s work is to organize art exhibitions at least three times a year.
Museum staff has done a lot to increase the interest in local art among the local community. Besides the exhibitions, museum offers 11 programs containing themes of cultural heritage for school children and adults. There is the possibility to implement a specific program concerning teachers’ interests.

Museum as a supportive institution of education already provides several alternatives for schools. Some art teachers plan their lessons in the museum during exhibitions, but the number of students participating is insufficient. Mostly teachers haven’t found this possibility. Master classes, designed by professional artists will be a great encouragement for teachers in order to use all the possibilities the museum provides.
During the project, Dobele Local History museum is planned to be a non-formal place for activities and other events of project. Museum staff is going to cooperate with partners in order to find out new methods of teaching the local art history; art techniques will motivate young people to use non-traditional ways of studying the art, especially the local art.
The Museum will contribute by providing the suitable environment for the students’ exhibition, by affording visual material for educational material, and will implement the educational program, in a pilot mode. Also it will create an educational material involving the project’s activities, it will motivate teachers to explore the region's cultural heritage, it will organize the exhibition of students’ and local artists' drawings and paintings, and it will organize a student’s drawing competition entitled "I draw my community" and it will be upgraded with ICT tools, being more eligible to students.