Directorate of Primary Education of Florina Prefecture

Partner type: 
Public authority
Contact person: 

Tsoulis Thomas

Educational issues

A Directorate of Primary Education has to deal with issues that concern teacher’s training, operation of school libraries and cultural events organised in or by schools. More specific, the Directorate of Primary Education disseminates the vision, the educational policy and the functional goals of the Ministry or Education.
Also, it coordinates the operation of primary schools and kindergartens in a specific area, supervises and helps introducing innovative actions at schools, organises seminars for innovations and promotes LLP European partnerships especially those that deal with horizontal European and National educational priorities. It is responsible for coming in contact with headmasters, teachers, school advisors, parents’ associations and local authorities, promoting the cooperation and the effective operation of school units.
Furthermore, the Directorate of Primary Education has the main administrative role in the region, including financial issues, teachers’ transfers, and evaluation of the school’s headmasters.

  • will define the operational plan of the project, manage the coordination and elaborate the final report;
  • will be responsible for the allocation of human resources;
  • will communicate with local partners and region partners;
  • will be responsible for the development and updating of the project’s website;
  • will be responsible for the production of some of the final outcomes;
  • will disseminate the final outcomes;
  • will organise common project meetings;
  • will organise seminars related to the project subject.