Dobele School of Art

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Inga Ozolina

Educational methodologist

Dobele School of Art implements a vocational education program "Visual plastic arts”. The school invites Dobele’s region children to develop their drawing skills and work upon computer graphics, to learn how to paint, to explore the history of art, to work with a wide range of formations and materials such as ceramic, porcelain, silk, glass painting and other activities. When graduating, students acquire a certificate of vocational education.
In addition, the Dobele School of Art offers the opportunity to people aged 15 - 18 years old to attend training courses entitled “Studio of Art” and a “Preparatory group” for children between 6 - 10 years old. Courses take place two times a week, by qualified teaching staff. The program includes drawing, painting, composition, art terminology, work with materials, formation.
Teachers provide young people with information about the opportunities to learn the art direction in secondary and higher level education, and also help them to prepare themselves for the appropriate examinations entrance.
The school employs 8 teachers with higher professional and pedagogical education.

During this project, Dobele School of Art will:

  • share its experience in the field of art education, by training project participants to prepare, organize and develop workshops for teachers, in cooperation with the local History Museum of Dobele;
  • arrange an exhibition of art;
  • have the main guidance of the workshops;
  • prepare the teaching scenarios in cooperation with school teachers;
  • implement the educational material;
  • popularize their experience at international meetings;
  • create a multilingual glossary of visual arts (English-Latvian-Greek);
  • create CDs / DVDs about the local artists of the two partner regions;
  • develop an art educational programme at the primary school in cooperation with the artists of county;
  • lead the workshops designed for teachers.