University of Western Macedonia - Applied and Visual Arts Department

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Vamvakidou Ifigenia

Associate Professor

The mission of the Applied and Visual Arts Department (University of Western Macedonia, Greece) has the following tasks:

  • to promote knowledge regarding the disciplines of painting, sculpture and applied art, notably photography, video, digital art forms (animation, three-dimensional animation), forms of illustration, design and contemporary design objects, craft manufacturing (design) and decoration. Particular emphasis is given to the promotion of cultural heritage and to the influences from major European artistic movements;
  • to provide students with the necessary skills that ensure their adequate training in artistic, scientific and professional career, thus making them capable for teaching art lessons in primary and secondary education;
  • to cultivate and promote the Science of Education with academic and applied teaching and research;
  • to give graduates the necessary theoretical and practical training for their scientific and professional career and development;
  • to contribute to raising the standards of education and the needs on issues of Pedagogy;
  • to address the need for people’s continuing education and training;
  • to analyze the symbolic codes of art;
  • to contribute to the field of visual communication, providing useful knowledge through analyzing different cultural obstacles using Semiotics.

The role of Applied and Visual Arts Department of Fine and Applied Arts (University of Western Macedonia, Greece) refers to:

  • the responsibility of the research and bibliographic data for supporting the project;
  • the main guidance of the workshops provided;
  • the teaching scenarios in cooperation with school teachers and;
  • the making of an educational material that will be implemented, in a pilot mode, in the 5th primary school.