Museum of Contemporary Art

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Tsokas Andreas


The Museum of Contemporary Art is located in Florina. It is considered to be a reputable visual point of interest in Greece. The Museum was founded in 1977 and it is housed in Exarchou neoclassical building.
Its collection consists of approximately 600 paintings, sculptures and engravings. Recently, the museum's collection has been enriched with an El Greco's painting, donated by the National Gallery, and 44 engravings from Florence. Apart from its permanent exhibition, the museum organizes several symposiums and hosts various exhibitions of visual and installation art.
The foundation of the Library Art, numbering 6.000 volumes, upgrades the museum in a provincial center of visual art, oriented in the contemporary demands. In addition, the museum is supportive in formal education.
The Museum of Contemporary Art of Florina, as an institution which supports this project, is scheduled to contribute by providing a suitable environment for the students’ exhibition and other events of the project. Also, the Museum will contribute to the project by providing visual material about local art and artist’s.

The Museum will be able to:

  • motivate teachers and students to explore local artistic heritage;
  • organize the students’ artistic exhibition;
  • organize and host artistic workshops;
  • organize a drawing competition for students under the title “Florina seen through the eyes of children: visual creations”;
  • become more familiar with the local educational community.