Crossword: Basic Elements of the Art
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----- Horizontal

1. The visual response to the wavelengths of light identified as red, green, blue, etc.
3. A two-dimensional area or plane that may be open or closed, free-form or geometric. It can be found in nature or is made by humans
5. Image of the surface, often corresponding to its tactile character, or what may be sensed by touch.
7. Illusion of depth and space

| Vertical

1. a form of three dimensions - height, width and depth. Size, the amount of
2. A point moving in space
3. A dark silhouette of an object, which occurs when light rays spread in a straight line, but the rays of light can’t get through because of the obstacles
4. Form encloses a two dimensional area.
6. use of light and dark, shade and highlight, in an artwork