Crossword: Basic Elements of the Art
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----- Horizontal

2. Drawing or painting which is made outdoors in the urban environment – walls, fencies and other surfaces.
5. Consists of several frames forming a moving image. It is usually made at a rate of 24 frames per second.
6. A fanciful asymmetric ornamentation in art and architecture that originated in France in the 18th century.
7. An art movement founded in France in the late of the 19th
10. a lot of sequentially placed drawings with story in it.
11. small works of art, which has an independent nature, they are free to move.
12. An unclothed live model or a work of art representing a person without clothing.

| Vertical

1. A term sometimes applied to art of late 16th early 17th century Europe, characterized by a dramatic use of space and light and a tendency toward elongated figures.
3. the practice of applying paint , pigment , color or other medium to a surface (support base).
4. A fine art where wood, stone, bronze or some other material creates three-dimensional works of art.
8. Sacral picture of the Orthodox and Old Believers' Church.
9. Painting of sea, ships and seascapes.