Crossword: Basic Elements of the Art
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----- Horizontal

1. A three-dimensional composition in which a collection of objects is unified in a sculptural work
3. An artistic composition made of various materials (e.g., paper, cloth, or wood) glued on a surface. From the French word “coller”, this means “to paste”
6. Objects made of different textile materials, different kinds of fabrics
9. Large-crafting items from plastic materials
10. Painting technique in which pigments as a binder of hot melted wax. It is a wax painting
11. Graphics of printing, the printing plates can be obtained from a single high-quality prints

| Vertical

2. When painting, used upon a ground of metal, porcelain, the colours afterward being fixed by fire
4. The art of paper folding
5. A technique for viewing an object, calculating the intensity of light on its surface depending on the arranged light sources
7. Similar to engraving but use is made of acid to etch into plate surface after image is inscribed onto surface which has been covered in acid resisting ground
8. The art of painting on freshly spread plaster before it dries, or in any manner