Crossword: Basic Elements of the Art
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----- Horizontal

2. Pen comprised of timber tube and the core of graphite
3. A framework delineating the artwork, creating favorable conditions for the artist's thoughts and image capture
5. A thin piece of glass, wood or other material, or pad of paper, which is used to hold the paint to be used in painting
7. Drawing or coloring sticks of different materials
8. Painting stand

| Vertical

1. Colorant - lawson, reacts with skin proteins, causing varying intensity of orange-brown tones
2. Soft pliable material chemically generated
4. A tool used to apply paints to a surface, consisting of hairs, or bristles held in place by a ferrule attached to a handle
5. Any coloring agent, made from natural or synthetic substances, used in paints or drawing materials
6. Natural or synthetic substance used to connect a variety of materials