Crossword: Terms used in Art
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----- Horizontal

3. A painting, drawing or photograph which depicts outdoor scenery
8. Architecturally and artistically designed indoor
9. French term for “artist's workshop”
10. Message, idea, or feelings expressed in a work of art
12. An artist who creates his artwork using some of the techniques of painting
13. The organization of elements in a work of art
14. An artist who creates sculptures

| Vertical

1. The part of the picture plane that seems to be farthest from the viewer
2. A room or series of rooms where works of art are exhibited
4. A framework of construction on which artists base the nature of their total work
5. A public showing of a piece or a collection of objects
6. An art practice, usually commercial in character, which stresses anecdotes or story situations and stresses subject more than form
7. A rough drawing used to capture the basic elements and structure of a situation
11. A practitioner in the arts generally recognized as a professional by critics and peers